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LVBR is an all volunteer (501(c)3 status pending) nonprofit organization dedicated to the rescue, healing, and rehoming of basset hounds in need.


Foster a Basset

LVBR has an ongoing need for foster homes. For the newly homeless Basset, staying in a home with a family is much preferable to being boarded at a kennel (and much less costly to rescue). Some dogs may need to recover from surgery and/or beef up their skinny bodies before they are made available for adoption. Most just need a place to stay as they wait for their “forever home.” Your loving attention can make a much-needed difference in their lives.

Maybe you’d like to test drive a Basset to see if the breed is right for you. Or maybe you already know and love Bassets, but can’t adopt another permanently right now. For these and many other reasons, fostering may be perfect for you and a big help to LVBR. We will do our best to match a dog to your circumstances. Fostering may mean a few days, a few weeks, or a few months. At any time you feel you can no longer foster, or the situation just isn’t working out, we will take him or her back immediately.

If you feel you can provide a temporary home to a Basset, we need you. Please consider the gift of fostering.

Just fill out the Adoption Application and put FOSTERING next to your name. If you have any questions or concerns about being a foster parent, please email us at

(The question sometimes arises—what happens if you fall in love and can’t part with your foster hound? Solution—you adopt. Problem solved!)

Other Ways to Volunteer

Donate your special talents or job skills. Tell us what you can do and we’ll find a way to put it to good use in helping the Bassets!

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