Las Vegas Basset Rescue

LVBR is an all volunteer (501(c)3 status pending) nonprofit organization dedicated to the rescue, healing, and rehoming of basset hounds in need.

If You Must Give Up Your Basset Hound

LVBR is willing to help and will do our best to get your Basset into our rescue as quickly as possible. Please contact us before taking your Basset to a shelter or placing an ad in the newspaper or online. With LVBR, he/she will be placed in a foster home, or boarded until we can find a new adoptive family. If you are able to keep your Basset while we search and screen potential adoptive families that’s even better. It will be less stressful for your dog. We will still handle all adoptive matters—place your dog on our website, do home checks, and write up a contract with the new owners.

Our first mission is to help you keep your dog, if at all possible. If you are considering giving up your dog because of any behavioral issues, maybe we can help. We have a trainer who volunteers his time to work one-on-one with owners and their Bassets. We also encourage you to seek your veterinarian’s help in ruling out any undiagnosed medical problems that could be causing a change in behavior.

If you ultimately must make the decision to give up your Basset, LVBR is here to help. Our organization relies on donations and fundraisers to support our efforts. If you would like to make a donation to aid us in helping your dog, it’s appreciated, but not required.

Finding a New Home for Your Dog on Your Own

Please do not adopt your dog out unaltered. It’s possible an adopter may be seeking a dog to breed for profit. Please spay or neuter your pet. Never give an adopter any AKC papers you may have on your dog—unless your pet is already spayed/neutered. If they press you for the papers, that’s a red flag. If they truly just want a dog to love, AKC papers will not matter.

Never place a “free to good home ad” in the paper or online. If you place an ad, put a value on your dog by asking for a minimal adoption fee (at least $50.00, ideally more). There are people who seek out free purebred dogs, with the sole intent of then selling them. We’ve seen this happen more than once. Paying a nominal adoption fee also gives some indication that the adopter will seek proper care in the future for the dog (vet care, etc.).

Do not hand your dog over to someone before you’ve seen where he/she will be living. This is so important. Take the dog to their home to meet them. This way you can see the living conditions, meet the members of the family, and see how they interact with your dog. If you don’t like what you see—just say you’ve changed your mind or need to think about it. If they seem hesitant to allow you to come to their home, that should be a warning to you. Ask the family for a vet reference—then call that vet clinic to ask their opinion on how the family has treated past pets. Please don’t be afraid that you are insulting a potential adopter by checking them out. A good adopter will understand that you are just trying to do the best for your pet. If possible, please request that they call you if it doesn’t work out. You can retrieve your dog and call rescue at that time. Make the effort. Your dog is depending on you to make the right decisions.

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