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LVBR is an all volunteer (501(c)3 status pending) nonprofit organization dedicated to the rescue, healing, and rehoming of basset hounds in need.

Adoption Application

A successful adoption depends on both the selection of the right Basset Hound for your household and your understanding of the responsibility taken when you adopt a rescued dog. So that we may assist you with making this most important decision, please answer the following questions as completely as possible. We appreciate not only your interest in adoption, but the time you take with these questions. Your application will be processed in a timely manner and you will be contacted. Please keep in mind that we here at Las Vegas Basset Rescue are all volunteers--with families and regular jobs--but work as quickly as possible to place Bassets into loving homes. Thank you for your patience.

Adoption Fees

Bassets under 2 years of age
Bassets over 2 years of age
Senior or special needs bassets

These fees cover just a small portion of the cost incurred by LVBR to provide needed care—i.e., spaying/neutering, vaccines, food/shelter, and any other medical treatment deemed necessary to result in a healthy dog.

Please Note. A scheduled home visit by a Basset Rescue volunteer is required before adoption.

Step 1

General Information

Step 2

Lifestyle Information

  1. Does anyone in the home have pet–related allergies?
  2. Do you own or rent your home?
  3. If renting, do you have landlord approval to have a pet?
  4. Type of dwelling:
  5. Do you have a securely fenced area for the dog?
  6. Do you have a doggie door installed in your home?
  7. Do you have an in–ground swimming pool?
  8. If yes to pool, does it have security fencing?
  9. Please list all your current pets. Using the form, fill in the blanks; press the 'Add Pet' button and they will appear in the text area below. Follow the same steps for each pet.
  10. Have you ever had to give up a dog?
  11. Where will your dog(s) stay while you are away during the day? Check all that apply.
  12. Where will your dog(s) sleep at night? Check all that apply.
  13. Are you established with a veterinarian (for reference purposes)?
  14. If yes, please provide the following information about your veterinarian.
Step 3

Your Adoption Preferences

  1. Do you have an age preference? Please note. We seldom see very young puppies in rescue and cannot maintain a waiting list for them.
  2. Do you have a gender preference?
  3. Would you consider a "special needs" basset?
  4. If yes, what type of "special needs" would you consider?
  5. Would you consider a basset mix?
  6. What type of basset personality would best fit your household?
  7. Have you ever had a basset?
Step 4

Additional Information & Comments

  1. If you decide to adopt, there is a 14–day trial period with the dog. If at the end of that 14–day period, you decide for any reason that you cannot keep the dog, do you understand the basset comes back to LVBR and your money returned?
  2. Upon adoption, do you agree to provide necessary medical care (including yearly vaccines)?
  3. Upon adoption, do you agree to keep a collar with rabies tag and LVBR identification (provided by LVBR) on the dog at all times?
  4. Upon adoption, do you agree to contact LVBR immediately if the dog becomes lost or stolen so that we may aid in the search?
  5. Upon adoption, do you agree to return the dog to LVBR if you should ever decide that you can no longer keep him/her? Additionally, do you agree to not transfer to the dog to anyone else without prior permission from LVBR?
  6. Are you over 21 years of age, able to engage in a binding legal agreement, and financially capable of providing necessary veterinary for the Basset you adopt?
  7. By submitting this application, you stipulate all of the information you have provided is, to the best of your knowledge, true and complete. You understand that falsifying answers on this application, or at any other time during the adoption process, disqualifies you from adoption.

Adoption Process

  1. Please submit an online application, filled out completely. We normally do adoptions in the southern Nevada area only. If you live outside this area, please visit Daily Drool Rescue Page for links to a Basset Rescue closer to you.
  2. A volunteer will follow-up with an email or phone call after we've received your application. We'll talk with you about what type of personality you're looking for in a Basset and what would best fit your lifestyle. The goal is to make a good match between dog and family.
  3. There is a home visit before adoption—a volunteer will bring the dog to your home. This helps us see how he/she interacts with family members and other pets in the home. We'd prefer all family members be present during the home visit. There won't necessarily be an adoption at the time of the home visit. Your family may take time to think about it and/or prepare for the new addition. Adoption should be a lifetime commitment, no need for hasty decisions. There is an option for a trial period before adoption.
  4. There is an adoption fee to help recover some of the costs incurred for the dog's medical care while in rescue. Spays/neuters, vaccines, fecals, bloodwork, dentals, medications, boarding, etc. are just some of the routine things that might be needed. Dogs aged 2 years old and up are $150. Dogs under 2 years old will be $250. Seniors and Special Needs dogs may have a lower fee. All dogs will be spayed/neutered, no exceptions. The adopting family will have access to the medical records for the dog they adopt.
  5. We require a signed Adoption Contract at the time of adoption. Among other things, it states that you must return the dog to Las Vegas Basset Rescue if for any reason the adoption does not work out. Our contract is for the protection of the dog.
  6. The final step is to welcome home the Basset you've chosen. They need your acceptance and patience as they make the transition into their new family. In return, you will receive unconditional love and devotion. Enjoy your new friend. If you have any questions or concerns after adoption, we are here to help. Everyone wants the same result--a happy Basset!

Other Application Options

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